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10 gal BIAB Bag

Started by redroast, January 16, 2020, 02:32:10 PM

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Hello All

I recently stepped up to 10 gallon batches. Figured I would stick with BIAB as I am comfortable with that.

I already went through one lousy bag that I bought on Amazon and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a decent bag for an 19 gallon kettle I could get in Canada.

At this point, I suspect I am likely going to have to make my own. But I'm not much for sewing.



I do know folks that do 10G BIAB, with like a big cage that sits under the mash bag, and pulley hoist thing that attaches to the cage.

My advice- get/make a cooler mash tun- much easier, than hauling out 10G worth of wet grain, you wont ever want to go back to BIAB.


I got mine from Mashed In in NS. Unfortunately it looks like they've stopped making them. Too bad because it's been a great bag. They do seem to be selling the material on their Etsy page if you did want to make one


The material I use to make my bags is "voile" material usually used for making curtains. I get mine at Fabric Ville. It's very strong and fine mesh. It's made out of nylon or polyester so it's fine to use in the mash. Not sure about boiling it but I imagine it's fine. I double sew it around the perimeter and I always make a 10-12 gallon batch with 20-30 pounds of dry grain so the wet grain must be twice that and I've never had a blow out...

Two Wheeler

I've ordered two bags from https://biabbags.webs.com/

Not much of a website, but the guy makes great bags. He's quite popular on the Homebrewtalk forum. He is US based, but I received mine in 7 days. He also takes your kettle measurements for custom fit. Get the pulley kit he sells too- makes it easy. I usually suspend mine from open rafter in the garage, or a stepladder if brewing outside.
Jordan Harris


As an update,  I bought this bag:


I brewed with it for the first time today and it's great. And for a little over 10bucks the price was right. No problems holding a 26 pound grain bill.


Good to know. I thought I had checked OBK when you originally asked and I didn't see that one.