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Author Topic: Dry Yeast  (Read 3120 times)

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Re: Dry Yeast
« Reply #15 on: February 25, 2012, 12:23:44 PM »
Quote from: "Dave Savoie"
Q: What is the best way to handle the yeast?

Breaking it down, the amount of '10 times' is important if you're trying to maximise live cell counts. That's because the yeast is dried on a substrate of nutrients and sugars. At a ratio of 10:1 water/yeast, the osmotic pressure allows for maximum nutrient uptake (osmotic pressure is influenced by the dissolved solids in the water, like nutrients and sugars). If too much water is used, the yeast will grow only sluggishly. If too little water is used, the cells may burst from the flood of liquid and nutrients forced into them.

You know, you bring up an important point I have failed to do. I have always just used a cup of water.
I'll have to pay more attention to doing it properly. After all, if it isn't done properly, I am doing more harm to the yeast than if I had just sprinkled the yeast on top of the wort as is.

Thanks for posting something that just may help me make better beer.