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Moving from a keezer to a kegerator

Started by redroast, March 03, 2021, 09:54:58 PM

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Hi All

My second keezer just died. I think I have gone through two in the last 3 years. I think having a freezer cycle more than it is used to is really hard on the freezer. And it takes up a lot of space. I usually have only 2 corny kegs in it. I also went through 1 temp control unit already.

So at this point I am planning on switching to kegs in a fridge. But I am wondering what is the best option. My taps are through tap shank Perlicks and I am really happy with them. So the easiest would be to find an old fridge and just drill holes in the door and use my existing hardware.

Or do I go and buy a small Danby fridge and do the standard internet build and put a tower on top? These cost about 180 at costco right now, but at least I have a new fridge and not an old fridge that may die tomorrow.  But then I have to buy a tower, which always come with taps, so I pitch the taps and use mine. OBK towers look like they start at 130ish. This would probably be the best looking, but I wonder about the reliability of these little fridges verses a big fridge. 

So really I am wonder about what your thoughts and experiences are with these options. What do you guys think? What has worked for you?


I guess it depends how much space you have. You could run your taps through the front of a minifridge just the same as a full size fridge.

A freezer shouldn't have any problem acting as a fridge. If anything it would run less than a fridge because of the additional insulation. Maybe your controller is short cycling the compressor? Usually there is a time delay function for that.

I have an old fridge I don't want to drill through so I just use picnic taps. Easy to clean, replace, or toss.


I went with the 4.4 cu.ft (no freezer) fridge. Drilled holes in the door. The 5lb tank is inside. It's a relatively tight fit, but it fits. Ball lock (Pepsi) kegs. I don't think pin lock kegs fit very well in this situation.
There's a step inside the back of the fridge and that's where the tank fits. I've only made two holes in the door. I cut out the plastic inside door using a dremel (you could probably do it with a box cutter knife) around and put a plastic board or some of that reflectix.
The tower option might be a bit more elegant, but i didn't know if there were tubing, and I'm not very fancy. It's also easier to move around if you wanted. This was not complicated. Two port manifold. Only one regulator, and I'm fine with that. Like 5ft of tubing all around 10psi. Not much fuss.

Looks like this guy did it with a tower https://www.homebrewtalk.com/threads/kegerator-sylvania-se80106-2.38905/page-2

But I had followed the ideas of a fella who did the holes in the door. Can't find the link right now.