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Big efficiency drop

Started by Brian_S, December 22, 2020, 12:09:27 PM

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Hey all, just a quick poll.  As I started into the 2 row from the Grain order from Oct 31 2019 I'm seeing my efficiency drop way off.  I've been checking possible sources (mill issues, hydrometer issues, temp problems) and have yet to ID the source.  I also gave some grain to someone else to brew with and they too had big efficiency problems.  (like expected grav of 1.067 turns into actual grav of 1.045).

I'm starting to think its the grain and just wondered if anyone else noticed this kind of thing from 2 row on this particular order?

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I noticed a drop as well. Not quite as bad as yours. Expecting 1.056 and ended up with 1.050. Considering I've never had a problem meeting or getting close to my target. I was blaming it on my mash temperature dropping a little lower than I wanted. (Not paying attention) The ale finished at 1.010 and was expecting 1.012 so I wasn't complaining. Again I was blaming myself and not the grain.
Good to know about the grain.


I think you may be on to something Brian. My efficiency with grain from that order was lower than usual as well. Weird.

Edit: the 2-row specifically
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Interesting! So did mine. I thought it was just me...


Ok, so 4 of us is a bit more than a coincidence.  I'm going to say OiO had a quality control issue.

Also it appears we are not the only ones to notice:


I'm recording the IDs of the bags and will see if I can contact some at OiO.

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I'll mention this on the next order as well...
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Thanks Brew, BSG appears to be slow responding me.  I'll take any further discussion into the group buy forum.

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Quote from: Brian_S on January 28, 2021, 11:18:27 PM
Thanks Brew, BSG appears to be slow responding me.  I'll take any further discussion into the group buy forum.

I think it's fine to mention it to BSG but I wouldn't push our luck. We get a pretty sweet deal from them and I'd hate to jeopardize that. They sell a lot of grain all around the country and I'm sure if they had multiple complaints they'd do something about it.
I can't say for certain if my efficiency drop was my mistake or if it was the grains. I'll need to do more experimenting. I never would have mentioned it if I hadn't read the post. There's a number of factors that could affect our efficiency. Faulty thermometer calibration, water chemistry or maybe just a less than stellar growing season...
Believe me I understand the desire to have your efficiency stay consistent but we should avoid rustling any feathers on behalf of the club at the moment.


Just as a bit of a side note, on our last grain order for the brewery the 2 row we received was Rahr instead of OiO. I heard that BSG made a switch, but their website says OiO is being rebranded as Rahr.

We've haven't noticed any changes in efficiency.