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Brit brewer moving to freddy

Started by britbrewer, October 16, 2019, 11:30:23 AM

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Hi Folks,

So I'm a pretty keen homebrewer, moving out to Fredericton in the new year. Looking forward to getting involved with the brewing club.  Im originally from the UK, but have lived in Ontario for the last 10 years.

While its easy to find a dry hopped lambic brewed with yeast harvested from a hipsters beard here in Ontario, its not that easy to find a proper pint of best bitter! So I mostly brew all grain english style beers, bitters, milds, brown ales, and the occasional old ale and barley wine- trying to recreate classic british cask ale really.

Favourite yeasts- wy 1469, ringwood, and 1318

I enjoy entering into homebrew competitions, but dont take the results too seriously. Do you guys enter many comps?

Ive got a pretty basic 5 gallon rig, ghetto corona grain, cooler mash tun, keggle, old kijji fridge with an stc-1000, pin lock cornies, in another old kijji fridge.

Hows the water in fredericton? Looks ideal for a nice pale ale, maybe a TT landlord clone?
When do you guys run your malt bulk buys? Wondering if I need to stock up on malt in my local clubs fall bulk buy before I head east?



Welcome Phil.
Tim Taylor - awesome beer!

The Municipal water in the City of Fredericton is considered Medium Hard.
When planning a brew, I input the following as a starting water profile in ppm (is = mg/L):
Ca: 42.4
Mg: 3.46
Na: 12.7
Cl: 33.2
SO4: 14
CaCO3: 90 (Alkalinity)

Then make mineral adjustments based on the recipe.

The above information is apparently "Typical Water Test Results". If you're living in another town or on a well, that's a different story and should be verified accordingly. I've been to some folks places with wells and it can be quite hard.

The city water profile produces pleasant, Lagers, Stouts, Porters, IPAs, etc. I find it to be generally flexible water.




Welcome Phil!

From time to time we do run home brewing competitions within the club just for fun. As a matter of fact we're due for one.

If you're a fan of Ringwood yeast you're gonna love Picaroons. It's our local and oldest craft brewery they specialize in English style beers and Ringwood is their proprietary yeast.

As pliny the water here is quite versatile  I'm on well water and it's moderately hard but makes pretty decent beer. All the local craft breweries have great success using the city water though.

As a paid club member you'll have access to group buys of grain, hops and yeast. We just filled our latest grain buy and we'll be starting the next one very soon. We order in 40 bag intervals that's one full pallet of grain directly from BSG. We usually order directly from suppliers this way we can save quite a bit on the costs of ingredients.

Anyways it's good to hear you're moving out here and you're interested in the club. There's a wealth of knowledge within the club and I'm sure you'll enjoy all the club has to offer.


Cheers Folks,

Sounds like you have some nice versitile water to brew with. Im looking forward to brewing with it. (im used to ontarions extremely hard water, which makes a pretty darker beer, but is not great for pale ales unless you cut it with RO).

Picaroons use ringwood yeast- they sound awesome, the only thing I find with that yeast is it needs a good D-rest, otherwise you can get a bit a of a diaceytl bomb!

I will certainly pay up my dues soon and join in on the group buys and competitions!




Welcome to the club.... Looking forward to meeting you and sharing a few brews.  :cheers:
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Great to have you with us! Hope to meet up soon at a meeting...
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