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Cheers from Fredericton!

Started by mr_chase, May 26, 2019, 03:03:06 PM

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I found this brewer's association on Facebook.  I've been brewing with all-grain and partial extract beer kits for two years.  I am looking to upgrade my brewing capacities to 5-6 gal. all-grain vessels, and would love to get involved with Fredericton-area brewing clubs.

Please let me know if there are any brewing clubs in Fredericton.  I will also keep an eye out for good used brewing and fermenting vessels.



Welcome! Theres a good chunk of us here in Fredericton. We have meetings every once and a while. Hope to see you out at one!

Two Wheeler

Welcome Allen!

Here's some gear for sale, although it might be mostly gone by now: http://nbcba.org/forum/classifieds/brew-equipment-for-sale-everything-must-go/

I use the BIAB (brew in a bag) method for all grain. You need a bigger pot (15 gal is ideal), but you don't need a mash tun. It also saves a lot of time sparging. I started using BIAB as a way to try out all grain without getting all of the equipment, but it's still working for me 4 years later.
Jordan Harris


Welcome to the forum, you found the right spot!

I hope you can make it to a meet soon.  I believe a few of us might meet up at Trailway to celebrate their 3rd year on the June 1st weekend.

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Most of us are in Fredericton and are always eager to help. Lots of experienced home brewers in the club too so don't hesitate to ask questions.
It's always a good idea to use a pot that can hold more volume than you need for boil overs and such.


Welcome most if us are in the Fredericton area