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Moncton amateur

Started by Ozymandias, October 28, 2017, 09:48:31 AM

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Hello all, this forum is awesome. I hope to meet some of you over the coming year!

I've been brewing using extract kits for 9-ish years now and over the last 3 years (triggered by a gift: Charlie Papazian's The Complete Joy of Home Brewing) I've been experimenting with partial grain and various kinds of hops. I take great satisfaction in making beer (It's especially nice when it doesn't taste like old socks...)

I love developing new recipes but I'm not always smart about it. Once, I brewed a batch using old scraps and bits of this and that. I never wrote down what I put in and it turned out better than anything I've made before or since.

I currently live in Cape Breton, but I'm moving home to NB this month. If you like traveling, check out Big Spruce Brewing. seriously good beer.

sometimes I talk too much.




Welcome to the club and welcome back the NB!


Two Wheeler

Welcome John!

I like Big Spruce a lot, certainly a treat when I make it to CB. Hoping to see their cans make it to NB.

Look forward to connecting with you on the forum!

Jordan Harris



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Welcome to the club... You found the right spot  :cheers:
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