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Title: Oakhouse Lager (Rickard's)
Post by: Richard on December 11, 2012, 09:32:34 PM
Can't help myself when I see a new beer in the store... we get such little variety that I try pretty much everything once. Saw the Oakhouse today (Rickards) and bought a few.

A: Golden; a little lighter than a generic american pale-ale color. Fair head and retention. No lacing.
S: No real hop presence, a little sweetcorn, and vanilla, followed by dry oak chips. Smells like someone tipped a light lager on some oak.
T: Much like the smell - sweetcorn, pale malt, ginger, vanilla, and oak (vanilla a part of the oak really). Oakiness is less dry in the taste than the smell - although I'm pretty sure they could have achieved a very similar end result by dumping some Wild Turkey in a light beer. So far as I can tell from the label there's no whiskey involved, but it's all I can taste in this of note - Wild Turkey.
M: Light-medium body, ditto carbonation (drank at about 10C - ignored their warning to drink cold - my bad).
D: Put back four and couldn't stomach any more... it's not horrific, but it's not good either. Typical macrobrew "craft beer" imho - attempting to appeal to the craft market by being a little different, but ultimately blanding out to try and please everyone.

TLDR: it's like someone took Innis and Gunn, ripped out its soul, and cloned it. 6/10.