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Title: Azacca, Belma and Escarpment restock!
Post by: on January 31, 2019, 09:03:18 PM
This just in: super fresh 2018 harvest Azacca ( and Belma  (!  Selling both by the pound ( and by the ounce ( 

Also, we just restocked our Escarpment Labs yeast with a bunch of new and exciting strains:

Vermont Ale (
Fruity Wit (
Fruit Bomb Saison (
Mothership Brett Blend (
Wild Thing (
Ontario Farmhouse Ale Blend (
Spooky Saison (
Hornindal Kveik (
Old World Saison Blend (
London Foggy Ale (

No worries about shipping in the cold, we ship liquid yeasts bubble wrapped with a cool (not frozen) ice pack to help buffer the temperature with added mass which will keep the yeast from freezing in the winter months.  Orders containing liquid yeasts will only ship Monday-Wednesday unless ordered expedited and is expected to deliver before the weekend.

Hoppy Brewing!