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Author Topic: Party at my place  (Read 3891 times)

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Party at my place
« on: May 24, 2016, 07:59:15 PM »
I'm having a party at my place for my bday this year. Anyone in the group is invited. Date is June 11th, should be the weekend between meetings (did that on purpose).

Here is the copy and pasted text from the Facebook event I created...this seems easier than adding you all on FB:

Having a little celebration for my birthday this year. I know many guests I invited live outside Fredericton, if you happen to be in town feel free to stop by for as long as you want!

Food: I was hoping to roast a pig over a spit, but our fire by-laws make that next to impossible. So we'll do the next best thing, smoke a few pork legs and I'll throw my last deer back strap on the BBQ. There will be veggies too...I know you were worried.

Drink: There will be 2-3 kegs (19L) of my homebrew on tap. Other than that it is BYOB; those small kegs go faster than you think so don't bank on just drinking those.

Guests: You may invite other guests but please run it past me first. Pets are welcome, we now have a fenced backyard. Any pets who have not yet met Crosby should probably do so before the party.

There will likely be a couple beds up for grabs or there is plenty of room for air mattresses for anyone who wants to stay the night.

Don't bring gifts; just yourself, your drinks and smoke(s). Message me here on FB or text with any questions. 506 260 5355