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Title: Blueberry Wine
Post by: Dave Savoie on March 22, 2011, 01:22:35 PM
10 lb. blueberries
5 lb. raisins
10 lb. granulated sugar
5 tsp. pectic enzyme
7.5 tsp. acid blend
2.5 tsp. yeast energizer
5 gallons of water
5 crushed Campden tablet

Yeast Lavlin 71B

Bring water to boil, then set aside. Wash and crush blueberries and put in primary fermentation vessel with all ingredients except yeast. Add hot water and stir to dissolve sugar. Cover well and allow to cool to 70-75 degrees F., then add yeast. Stir daily for 5-6 days or until specific gravity is 1.040. Strain out fruit pulp and press. Siphon into secondary fermentation vessel and fit fermentation trap. Rack in three weeks and again in three months. When wine is clear and stable, rack again and bottle. Allow a year to mature. Improves with age.