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Started by ECH, November 24, 2019, 12:30:10 AM

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Getting pieces into place to finally get into kegging my beer, and was looking at taps.

Anyone buy and use the taps seen on Wish?And if you have, what has been your experience with them?

Ones I am seeing look "similar" to a Perlick or Intertap with the flow control, but are less than half the price.

Just wondering if they are worth it or not. Sometimes the deal can be too good to be true.

Something like this: https://www.wish.com/search/beer%20tap/product/5d2edd835dd9c9160dd01986


I'd recommend going with perlick taps in the first place. The cheap taps tend to stick open then leak and drip. It would be a shame if you lost a keg of beer on your floor and in the ship tray. But that's just my opinion...


right now OBK got Intertap on sales for black friday (plus a bunch of stuff)


Thanks, kind of what I thought, too good to be true, and not worth the hassle.

Is the extra price for the flow control taps worth it in your opinion? Could you not just modulate the flow with the tap handle? Or is that not as easy as it sounds? The flow control only controls the volume of liquid, and not the CO2 behind it correct?

I brew with a friend, and he isn't ready for kegs just yet, so just thinking of bottling his share off of a carbed keg, or is that more trouble than its worth without a beer gun?

Plan is to get a 4 valve manifold (for future expansion)

Wondering if one of the complete set ups from some place like Everwood would be worth it, rather than pieces. Problem is, I don't need the kegs, and buying a 2 tap system, would be nice to have the 4 valve manifold instead of the 2 that comes with the 2 tap system.


I just use picnic taps because I don't want to drill through the fridge. Plus they are easy to clean/replace as I can disconnect the line from the keg and toss it in the sink. I'm not sure if its the same for real taps, but anything other than full open creates foam (and would be too slow anyway).

I fill growlers from my picnic taps with a bottling wand with the crook cut off. Chill/wet the bottles, shut off the CO2 to the keg, and then cap in foam. I'm not sure how this has worked for something long term like bottles, but maybe you could overcarb the beer you plan on bottling.