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Started by mikegraham, March 13, 2018, 09:04:30 PM

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So obk posted on facebook they ordered a lot of kegs and are going to sell some by the pallet ball lock pressure tested in the 30 dollar range per keg maybe something for us to look at as a club.

Two Wheeler

Here are the details:

From OBK Facebook

I overdid it. So not like me.

So anyhow. ​We have about 12 000pcs used kegs arriving over the next 30-60 days that are above and beyond where I like to keep our stock levels.

Daulton will get some ads up to sell these by the skids (75pcs) in the next few days on OBK. Your welcome to use your own freight or ours. Price range will start in the low 20's for pins and low 30's for ball lock. Pressure tested. (per piece not skid price)

So if your super cheap and have cheap friends. This is a heads up you may want to return your empties and get ready.

Edit additional details added:

-All Kegs five gallons.

-We can not swamp our carriers with quotes at this time sorry. Spot quotes are only good for a few days or less if the truck is in the area.

-Always cheaper to find a local truck company that has empty trucks returning. If want to quote your local company we ship from N0K 1N0 a skid is 48"W 48"D 72"H weight 750#
Jordan Harris


I'd be very interested but it would really depend on the price after shipping.


Price per pallet of 75 ball lock is 2299.99 plus tax and delivery