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Where to buy Keezer parts

Started by d_hilchie, January 15, 2018, 03:54:34 PM

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Hey Gang!

I just purchased 4 pin lock kegs, CO2 tank and a regulator (all for $120 I might add :banana: ). My next step is building a Keezer. Therefore my question to y'all is where is the cheapest/best place to get everything else that I'll need? I think I will be happy just setting everything to one pressure with all 4 kegs. (FYI located in SJ if that helps)

From what I can tell I will need to order lines, fancy taps, pin lock connectors, and some type of manifold. Am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance  :cheers:


NB Craft Brewers Market is probably the closest to you but I'm not sure about their selection, I've only bought ingredients from them. I generally find Everwoood and OBK are around the same but OBK has a lot more sales if you follow them on Facebook and wait for a good one.


I'd say your on the right track. I've got a kegerator that I put together with 4 taps. If your happy with everything having the same carbonation then a normal regulator will do fine. Over time you may want to upgrade to a dual regulator to carbonate different beers at different rates but that can be changed at any time. Just need to change the regulator and manifold but that's easy. The only thing I'd suggest is getting longer lines than you need at first. You can always shorten them to get your desired length. My first set of lines were too short giving me way too much foam.
Good luck with your project. You're gonna love it!