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Temperature Control

Started by Powers30, October 04, 2017, 04:00:00 PM

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The next investment I'm looking into is temperature control during my fermentation. What are people using? I really don't have the room in my garage to chuck another appliance out there so I am thinking of going down the road of a fermentor with temperature control.

Would love to gather some feedback from those that have gone down this road. I'm currently just using my office and the baseboard heater to control my temperature in the carboys.


 A small chest freezer with a temp controller is probably  your best bet and it takes up very little space. I use a small fridge mounted against a large insulated wooden box with an stc1000 temp controller, a heating pad for heat, a computer fan to circulate the air and a big door I can fit 4 carboys but I normally only have 2 inside.
Unless you've got the cash to throw at a temperature regulated fermenter than I'd say go for it.
I've been using mine for about 4 years now it cost me less than 75 bucks. I used a bunch of leftover parts I had kicking around. All I bought was the stc1000 and the old apartment fridge.

Two Wheeler

yeah, dollar for dollar I have to agree with Roger. A 10g conical with fermentation control is not going to be cheap at all, so a small chest freezer with an inkbird might be the way to go.

Quickly looking at OBK, with the SS brew tech options, you're over $1k for the conical, chilling kit and shipping. Then you need a coolant source which means you likely need a mini fridge to cool your glycol. Quickly eating up that garage space!!
Jordan Harris


You guys both make great points. It seems that getting an additional fridge would be the way to go.