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Started by shazapple, July 14, 2015, 10:23:28 AM

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We've been using a small chest freezer as a kegerator, but it could only hold one keg so it was time to expand. Luckily my family has a huge barn filled with old junk, and part of that junk was a Kelvinator from the 1930's (we are thinking 1933). Thanks to a HVAC inclined father in law we had the beast up an running with a new compressor and all shined up with new paint and gaskets.

The only issue is that I don't think I can bring myself to drill holes in it, so the next improvement will be a tap box of some sort.


That looks awesome! I would have a hard time drilling into that as well. Nice job  :cheers:


Speaking of old fridges. I got mine from my old WO. It's made from an old 1950's ish COLDSPOT. Custom painted to match his bike. He had it made in Nova Scotia while he was posted at Shearwater. I basically saved it from anonymity, since he doesn't have room for it or the bike for that mater, after being posted out to St-Hubert, Qc. Told him he could have it back if he ever gets nostalgique... or buys another bike.

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