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best beer store in Maine?

Started by paulmaybee, May 13, 2015, 08:59:32 PM

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Two Wheeler

Quote from: DandyMason on May 19, 2015, 08:11:54 AM
Well to answer my own question ... Just like ECH said, there are no beer sales in Houlton on sundays. That includes anywhere that sells beer. You can still go ahead and buy as much hard liquor as you want though...

Sounds like a policy ANBL would come up with...
Jordan Harris


Really? No beer, but hard liquor??? That is wack.

Picked up a 6pk from Hannifords on Monday, since the store went from a franchise to a corporate store, their beer selection has gotten a little better (wasn't "bad" before), Dogfish Head and other Sierra Nevada brews other than their Pale Ale, as well as a bunch of others from around Maine, Grittys, Sebago.

Picked up a trifecta of Sierra brews, Black IPA, Golden IPA, and Torpedo....can't believe I haven't had a SN Torpedo yet.


Made it to Hogan Road Deli. I think I hadn't been there in at least 10 years. They still have a respectable selection - especially if you have passengers that are not exactly on the same page as you and you need to make some quick decisions. I had a nice wrap as well. Glad they're still around doing their thing.

These days, there are so many beers, it really boggles the mind - however, it may just be me. I don't really need that much. It seems like I used to walk into a store and drop like $200+ on craft beer without batting an eye. I've throttled back, and don't get everything I want. Although there are a few more four and six packs that I could've gotten... ;)

Recently I've been to a few of these gas station/mini-grocery/craft beer stores. They really crack me up. I was in this store in Mid-Coast Maine the other days and looking at Rogue, Left Hand, Lone Pine, Maine Beer Company, Baxter and many, many others amidst cans of sardines, dry pasta and Fritos - it was awesome.