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No Airlock Activity

Started by chrismccull, December 25, 2012, 08:49:42 AM

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I made a white wine kit on Dec.21 with an SG of 1.085 and it is now 1.040 (Day 4).  I checked the gravity now because I am not seeing any airlock activity, but, the gravity is obviously dropping.  I have not seen any bubbles in the air lock at all, my fermentation temp is 19-20 C and is controlled.  Would you re-pitch, or, just leave it?

Chris Craig

If it's fermenting, I'd just leave it alone.  I'm pretty sure wine is usually fermented a couple degrees higher than that though.


I'll just leave it then.

My controller was set to 21 C, I thought I had it lower than that.  The instructions state that it should be 20-24 C.


Wine regularly goes to a very slow ferment after the initial big blast.
If the gravity still drops week over week, leave it be and it will be fine.
So long as it drops below 1.000 you'll be set.
Sounds like PR component to me  :twisted:

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I've also found that 1811 seems to have no visible signs for a few days and then all of the sudden you have a 1 inch foam on top, and then you leave for 3 hrs and you come back to clean wine off of everything... (Guess what happened to me last night  :x )
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