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Started by Chris Craig, June 25, 2012, 08:36:33 PM

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Chris, are you able to bring some of yours to the next meeting ... wherever that may be?

I made some and it's decent, but far from great IMO. Based on the reviews of this stuff that I read online, I was expecting more. I wouldn't mind trying yours to compare.
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Chris Craig

Sure.  I'll bring some Saturday...if we can find a meeting place.

Chris Craig

I'll bring some of this with me to the following meeting.  Interested in the comparison.


I'm thinking about trying this today just to have a little something different. No reason you couldn't sub the DME with a bigger mash is there? Also considered dry hopping it as well with maybe a half oz of simcoe.

Chris Craig

No, you could mash more instead. 

My plan is to make an extra 4L of wort the next time I make a 20L beer.  I'll freeze that until I want to make the graf again.


Did mine pretty similar to your recipe. Partial mash of 5lbs of 2 row, .5 crystal 100, 1oz of flaked rye, and 17 liters of AJ. Taste real good so far, with an SG of 1.055

Still debating dry hopping.

Chris Craig

I wouldn't.  You'll take away from the sweetness of the apple.  I shouldn't have bittered as much as I did either.  That said, if you do dry hop...I want to try :)


Yeah, I read through a lot of the posts on the graff thread on HBT, everybody saying, less hops and never more.

Just curious to dry hop if it would add something extra to it where you're not really getting the bitter qualities.