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Author Topic: Hop Substitution Chart  (Read 3653 times)

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Hop Substitution Chart
« on: January 20, 2011, 03:59:39 PM »
Hop Substitution Chart
Hop Variety    Possible Substitutes

Admiral-----    Target, Northdown, Challenger

Ahtanum-------            Amarillo, Centennial, Simcoe

Amarillo-------            Cascade, Centennial, Summit, Ahtanum

Boadicea------            Cacade(?), I'm not sure...

Brewers Gold------    Bullion, Chinook, Galena, Nugget

Bullion------            Columbus, Northern Brewer

Cascade-----            Amarillo, Centennial, Summit

Centennial------            Amarillo, Cascade, Columbus, Summit

Challenger------            Perle, Admiral

Chinook------            Brewers Gold, Columbus, Galena, Nugget, Northern Brewer, Eroica

Cluster------            Galena, Eroica

Columbus------            Magnum, Chinook, Northern Brewer, Warrior, Millenium, Bullion

Crystal------            Mt. Hood, Liberty, Hallertauer, Tettnanger, Strisselspalt

E.K. Goldings------    Fuggle, Progress, First Gold

Eroica------            Galena

First Gold------            E.K. Goldings

Fuggle------            Willamette, Styrian Golding, Tettnanger, Newport

Galena------            Brewers Gold, Nugget, Cluster, Chinook, Eroica, Newport

Glacier------            Willamette, Fuggle, Tettnanger, Styrian Goldings

Hallertau------            Liberty, Tettnanger, Mt. Hood, Vangaurd, Tradition

Horizon------            Magnum

Liberty------            Hallertau, Tettnanger, Mt. Hood, Crystal, Ultra

Lublin------            Saaz, Sterling

Magnum------            Horizon, Newport

Marynka------            Northern Brewer(?)

Millenium------            Nugget, Columbus

Mt. Hood------            Hallertauer, Liberty, Crystal, Strisselspalt

Northern Brewer-------    Nugget, Chinook, Columbus, Bullion, Perle, Styrian Aurora

Newport------             Galena, Nugget, Fuggle, Magnum

Northdown------            Admiral, Challenger

Nugget-------            Cluster, Galena, Brewers Gold, Warrior, Eroica, Target, Millenium

Perle------    Challenger, Northern Brewer

Premiant    ?

Progress------            Fuggles, E.K. Goldings

Saaz-------                    Sladek, Lublin, Sterling, Ultra, Vangaurd

Santiam------            Tettnanger, Spalt, Liberty, Hallertau

Saphir    ?

Simcoe------            Northern Brewer (?)

Sladek------            Saaz, Lublin

Spalt------              Santiam, Liberty, Tettnanger, Hallertau

Sterling------            Saaz, Lublin

Strisselspalt ------   Mt. Hood, Crystal

Styrian Aurora------    Northern Brewer

Styrian Goldings------    Fuggle, Willamette

Summit------            Amarillo, Cascade

Target------            Nugget, Fuggle, WIllamette, Admiral

Tettnanger ------           Hallertau, Liberty, Fuggle

Tradition------            Hallertauer

Ultra------                   Liberty, Hallertau, Saaz

Vangaurd------            Saaz, Hallertauer

Warrior------            Nugget, Columbus

Willamette------            Styrian Golding, Target, Fuggle, Tettnanger, Glacier
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Re: Hop Substitution Chart
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2011, 04:25:19 PM »
This is a great example of something that should go in the Wiki... I'll talk to you guys about this on Saturday, and use this as an example to show you "how it's done".
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Re: Hop Substitution Chart
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2011, 06:37:41 PM »
This is good info, but brewers need to keep in mind the a/a% when substituting. For example a person might use 1oz of hop "B" in place of 1.25oz of hop "A"
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