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Title: Advent Calendar for 2020
Post by: ECH on December 14, 2019, 03:57:06 PM
Hi there everyone,

Something to run past you, not sure if we would have enough people to make this possible or not, but a friend of mine in Ottawa helps organize an office advent beer calendar.

Basically they get 24 people, each person buys 24 of the same beer, and you have 24 advent calendars. They usually put them together the 3rd week of Nov, so they are good to go and everyone has theirs by Dec 1.

They of course have to have a sign up, and keep track of who is buying what beers, so 2 people don't buy the same beer. Must be craft beer, no macros, or junk. Ciders are allowed.

Hardest part is finding the empty advent calendars to put the beer in, but I am sure I can ask where they get theirs from. Did a quick look on the internet, but nothing that is economical (lowest I saw was $12 each, but min. order was for a case of 50, so like $600+ 

Anyway, I can get more details, just wondering if there would be any interest. While I would like to buy the ones I see at ANBL, $160-$180, is a bit much IMHO.

I bought one in Quebec about a year ago for $99, but instead of punching out the tops, I just lift off the top of the box and pull out that day's beer, saving the box to be used subsequent years. My wife went and filled it up for me this year (and has done a good job picking other than maybe one day so far)

Anyway, something to think about, and lots of time to do so. If not enough people on here interested, I am sure we could all put the word out to a friend or 2 that likes craft beer, and also likes beer advent calendars and easily get 24 people involved.
Title: Re: Advent Calendar for 2020
Post by: Roger on December 15, 2019, 10:58:15 PM
It's a good idea. We do have a 12 beer's of Christmas thing we do within the club where we get a bunch of members who want to participate aiming for 12. All the participants choose a style to brew then we get together and divide the beers between us.
It's been a nice way to try beers from each other over the holidays.
The problem with doing an advent calendar is that it's hard to get enough members interested in doing 12 beers let alone 24. This year there wasn't much interest at all...
Title: Re: Advent Calendar for 2020
Post by: ECH on December 16, 2019, 12:31:52 AM
Yeah, it may have to go beyond the club. (most likely)