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Author Topic: Homemade Egg Nog  (Read 5170 times)

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Homemade Egg Nog
« on: December 06, 2014, 12:05:46 PM »
Not sure if this is the right place for this thread but here's an egg nog recipe I make every year for the holidays. I use spiced rum but obviously you could sub in whisky or whatever you prefer.

Egg Nog

Yield: about 4 cups
   3 cups whole milk
   1 vanilla bean, split
   pinch freshly grated nutmeg
   4 egg yolks
   4 to 6 tablespoons sugar
   Rum, to taste

1.   Pour the milk into a saucepan and scrape in the seeds from the vanilla pod. Add the pod to the pot, too, and judiciously grate in some nutmeg. Heat to the boiling point. Remove from the heat, cover, and let sit 10 minutes to infuse.
2.   Meanwhile, beat the yolks and sugar together in a bowl. When the milk has infused, whisk it over the eggs (a little at a time so you don't scramble the egg mixture) and return the whole thing to the saucepan. Place back on the heat and whisk to thicken slightly, 3 to 5 minutes. Do not boil. Strain into a jug, cool, and add rum to taste.

I normally double this recipe so you have close to 2L of eggnog. I add a little rum after cooling, then add more in my glass before pouring the nog in.