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Title: Raspberry/apricot Wheat
Post by: Jake on July 17, 2012, 09:05:31 PM
I'm in the process of brewing a 10 gallon batch of wheat. I'm going to do 50% raspberry and 50% apricot in two separate carboys. I'm going to be using fresh fruit and was planning on adding them to primary about 5 days after I pitch the yeast. I'm planning to pasturize btw and I'm not too concerned about the haze I've read this will create.

Recipe is simple (actual results):

Mash temp = 154
Sparge = 167

9lbs 2-row
9lbs wheat malt

2.5oz willamette (4.8%) @ 60

Both fermented with S05.

Here's my question: how much pureed fruit should I use to get a light fruit character. I have a 3lbs can of raspberry puree from Noble grape, but I've heard from a couple sources that this is overpowering in a 5 gallon batch. Would 1 or 1.5 pounds of fruit be enough to let my wheat come through and add subtle hints of the fruit? because that's what I'm looking for. I want it to be a wheat beer before a fruit beer if you catch my drift.

Any input is appreciated.
Title: Re: Raspberry/apricot Wheat
Post by: chrismccull on July 17, 2012, 09:52:34 PM
I used 3 lbs of apricot in mine.  It is finishing fermentation right now.
Title: Re: Raspberry/apricot Wheat
Post by: Jake on July 17, 2012, 10:11:47 PM
If you get to try it before next week, let me know how it goes. I'm looking to add the fruit probably Monday of next week.
Title: Re: Raspberry/apricot Wheat
Post by: jamie_savoie on July 18, 2012, 08:22:49 AM
I did a berries hefe last month and in 3 gal I added 2# strawberries, 1# raspberries and about 400ml of pure blueberry juice.  It finished super dry and you can clearly taste the berries, not really subtle but really tasty.  I also did a belgian dark strong and took 3 gal and added a 3# can of sweet cherries from noble grapes and yet on this one the cherry flavour is really subtle (still in secondary)
I guess it depend on the style of beer and the kind of fruits.  my guess is a pound of apricot per gal would be perfect, the same ratio with raspberries might be not so subtle imo but personally I would still do the 1#/gal :)