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Title: Dave and Kyle's great Apricot IPA
Post by: Kyle on March 17, 2011, 10:30:33 AM
We brewed this summer, and thought we lost the recipe. Found it!!

11# 2-row
8oz Cara-Munich III
1.25oz roasted barley
1# malted wheat
6.75oz flaked roasted barley

1oz Amarillo @60
1oz Northern Brewer @60
0.5oz Amarillo @15
0.5oz Fuggles @15
0.5oz each of Amarillo, Cascade, and Fuggles @1min

Apricot extract added at some point - Dave you remember?

This beer was very nice, but the Apricot-ness was lacking, I'll be brewing it next time w/o the fruit addition.