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Title: Banoffee Beer
Post by: Richard on November 17, 2011, 04:35:04 PM
Got some Belgian yeast burning a hole in my pocket and I feel like doing a double-batch today so here goes. Pretty simple recipe I think...

15lbs 2-row.
1.5lbs Vienna.
0.5lbs Carabelge.
2lbs Sucrose (POTS).
1.0oz Hallertauer Tradition 7% @ 60
1.0oz Hallertauer Tradition 7% @ 20

Mauribrew Weisse (thought it was WB-06 - oops).

Mash 5 gallons @ 149f, Sparge 4 gallons @ 168f.

Note: almost certainly the wrong yeast for the job, but will see how it turns out anyway.
Title: Re: Try Not To Tripel
Post by: Richard on November 29, 2011, 08:24:42 PM
I'm going to re-name this "Banoffee Beer" and do another run with a tiny bit of pumpkin spice some time. Definitely *not* a tripel by any measure, the weissbier yeast went in a completely different direction. The WB-06 is also not  a Belgian yeast, so that was a total brainfart on my part.

Tasty, but not going to win any style awards any time soon.

Started 1.095, ended 1.020 - ~10% ABV